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My Name is Kari, and I live and work in the beautiful East Neuk of Fife. I am able to offer my service in Fife and Tayside.I hope you enjoy my site and please contact me if I can be of help to you

My background is in nursing, mainly in in cancer and palliative care in the community setting, for over 30 years.I have experience in decluttering, downsizing, moving, and assisting with belongings following life changes, including sensitive house clearance for clients with mobility and other health issues.I am a member of APDO, the organisation for professional organisers.I have a COSCA Counselling Certificate, and I am a PVG scheme member.I am registered with the Information Commissioners Office for data protection.


Let me help you to declutter areas in your home, clearing storage areas and using them in a way that suits your lifestyle.Imagine having your storage arranged so that you can find items as you require them! Often clients find that they already have enough storage following a declutter session, so try not to buy more until we have done an editing session.

Edit your wardrobe

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your clothes? Together we can edit your wardrobe so that you can find your favourite outfits easilyWe are all guilty of accumulating an array of clothes and accessories so with my help we can sort through your belongings and determine what still looks good and is relevant to your lifestyle. With simple storage , clothing can be easily categorised and accessible. Having an organised and current wardrobe will allow you to love your clothes even more! I personally love vintage clothes, and it can be great fun to use vintage pieces from your wardrobe to enhance current style.

Moving house? Downsizing?

Moving home or downsizing can be a stressful and overwhelming experience.I can help by offering practical assistance when you are planning a move to a new home. Together we can decide what is important to keep, and help you to edit your belongings to ensure they fit your new home.Or you may have moved already and need help to unpack and make your new home work best for you.

Life changes

Life changes can be challenging.It can be difficult to sort out belongings post bereavement and other life changes, such as divorce.I can help you to deal with belongings, working sensitively at your pace, to help you to respectfully organise items and decide what will work for you in the future.

Health concerns and mobility issues..

Are mobility issues or illness making it difficult for you to clear out clutter or organise your possessions?
I have experience in helping clients with mobility and other health issues, such as chronic illness or cancer, causing fatigue.
I can help you by bringing your belongings to where you can sit comfortably to make decisions about what you want to keep or recycle.
We can work together for shorter periods , such as 3 hours, to make the task less overwhelming. Give me a call and we can discuss this.

Swedish Death Cleaning...

has recently been in the news, and it sounds very morbid, but is actually a thoughtful and practical way of decluttering and organising.
As we age, or as our circumstances change, we may wish to declutter items which we no longer use or need , especially items in our lofts, sheds, garages.....
It can be helpful to talk this over with family and friends, or give me a call and I can visit you to talk this over.

How to start...

Contact me for a free 1/2 hour consultation in your home or via telephone or zoom. We will discuss your area of concern and what you would like to achieve. We can discuss a date to start which would suit you.I will follow this up with an agreed plan and estimate of cost involved.

The session...

This is when we work together to edit your belongings that you wish to deal with. We will work at your pace and aim to leave the area clutter free at the end of the session.

  • You can sit comfortably and let me bring the belongings to you to decide on their future if that is easier

  • I will supply strong bags and labels for items

  • We will work at a pace that is comfortable for you, allowing you space if required

  • I will remove recycling/ charity shop bags * when I leave, ensuring the area we have worked on is clutter free. Time for you to relax and enjoy your rediscovered space.

  • *The Organised Bird can remove small amounts of bags for recycling/ charity shops.

  • Advice can be given regarding safely removing larger amounts.

Terms and Conditions

The Organised Bird is a confidential service, and will not divulge any information to a third party without your full agreement.
Any advice is given in good faith, and it is always your decision whether to follow it. I will never force you to part with items.
While I am happy to do some light cleaning during a declutter/ organising session, I do not provide a cleaning service.
I am happy to lift small items , including rubbish bags, but Health and Safety regulations mean that I am unable to lift heavy items.
I am very comfortable around cats, dogs and other pets, however it is your responsibility to ensure their safety when I am working in your home. Please ensure that your pet is safely contained if they are likely to be aggressive to visitors to your home.

Fees and Payment

Standard fees for decluttering/ organising are £30 per hour, or £50 per hour if my assistant is also required. Local free home non obligation consultation or telephone/ zoom consultation. Minimum session of 3 hours bookable locally ; 4 hours beyond a 20 mile radius).I accept cash and bank transfer for my services , and payment is required at the end of the session.


I contacted the Organised Bird to help me organise and declutter rooms in my house. The response was very prompt and, after a brief Zoom call, a date was set for the work to be done. A subsequent flood however meant that the nature of the work changed, but this wasn’t a problem for the Organised Bird. Despite the house being freezing (unable to put on heating without water) and the constant noise of a dehumidifier in the background, we managed to carry out the decluttering task in three-hour periods of time. Personally, three-hours at a time carrying out this task was enough for me, particularly as there were emotional attachments to items I needed to say goodbye to. Kari recognised these difficult moments and more than supported me in the task without applying any pressure and worked at the speed I was comfortable with.All in all, what could have been a far more difficult task was carried out with good humour and we had laughs along the way as well. It’s amazing what you find when you haven’t cleared things out in years. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Organised Bird to help assist with decluttering and house clearance. Kari more than met my expectations and went above and beyond to help and support me through this task.5-stars without a doubt.
Liz P-D

Thanks Kari! I definitely feel as though I am making some progress - not speedy, no - but hopefully lasting. And I am feeling as though my path forward is clearer too.
It was great to have you to help get going with the bedroom - as I suspect is the case with everyone, there are 'sticky bits' where it is hard to get started - that room is definitely one. But as usual, you make everything seem possible, thank you!
Kate E

Kari visited the flat for an initial consult and we scheduled an organise for the following week. The kitchen and living area feels so much nicer now when walking into an organised space. The process was super easy, efficient and Kari was incredibly helpful!Hala

The bedroom is looking amazing and you are fantastic to work with.Can’t wait to get it finished!Jen

Hi Kari and Mike, thanks for the superb work you did, makes such a difference in my bedroom.
I’ve been pretty weak and wobbly but sure that’s not because of you!
Will get in touch re the next phase of the de cluttering.
Peter M

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